Poet.  Author.  Event Producer.  Detroiter.

I am one with, a son of, Detroit. My beloved home. Once I turned 18 years old, the city and its culture became my obsession. The goal was to attend every open mic, Hip Hop concert, whatever cool event. Walking to The Hip Hop Shop on Saturdays. Catching the Dexter bus from the WestSide to downtown to host at Cafe Mahogany on Tuesdays. I was the cool, open soul that would sit on the pyramid at Hart Plaza with a notebook and pen. Still that same person. The son of a Jazz Pianist. I am an instrument of bronze flesh. Syllables be notes. Drum, trumpet, piano. I want you to hear Jazz, Hip Hop, African drums. I write in the spirit of Paul Laurence Dunbar. My most prized possession is a first edition copy of his book, Candle-Lightin' Time. First released in 1901. Classic. I would say Dunbar is my biggest influence as far as poets go. I love how he mastered writing in dialect and classic poetry styles. He wasn’t afraid to write like his neighbors talked. To tell their stories.

A huge part of my work is speaking for the people I grew up with. I think there is nothing more beautiful.

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